Is Rhodium Plating right for you?

Rhodium Jewelry Before_After.jpg

Rhodium is a platinum metal group believed to increase the strength, durability, and a bright look of silver, platinum, and white gold rings. However, in reality, it cannot be polished as it will wear away, scratches easily, and is not very durable.

Rhodium plated silver is fine or sterling silver that is polished and dipped in rhodium. It has a bright finish, similar to white gold items, and it doesn’t tarnish.  You can’t have a ring sized and if you get it fixed, you ruin the plating.

All these problems occur because it is usually plated very thin since this process can be expensive ($60-$120 every 2-3 years). To avoid this, it is important to buy a ring that has the right thickness of plating.

Originally, rhodium was used in jewelry to hide the ugly gray color of nickel white golds.

While attractive, it can be a real problem to maintain, and once worn through, needs to be stripped and re-plated.  Not a cheap process.

Many jewelers will not repair the items, the items wear unevenly, and not all jewelers have electroplating equipment.

Here at Vilanza Luxe LLC, we prefer .925 sterling silver which is 92.5% silver with 7.5% copper added. It does not mean one is better than the other, but you can size and work with silver.  Fine silver is pure silver.  It is usually stamped .999.